About us

From valves to the design of technical solutions for products and systems: quality has been our vocation since 1999.
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We work to guarantee customized and technologically advanced solution for all requirements
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SteriValves products are safe, made accurately and in compliance with national and international guidelines, technical standards and certifications.
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Valves and Technical Solutions

SteriValves working system is based on total traceability, this means that for each product it is possible to trace the origin, the production path and the events connected to it. This allows proof of its identity to be supplied in one complete document in six languages (Italian, English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese).


Valves have a key role: their importance is strategic for the safety of the system, users and finished product.


Lightness, compactness, essentiality, practical inspection and cleaning, sterility, quality surfaces and materials, guarantee of hygiene and full traceability.


SteriValves is perfecting a line of products specially designed to meet the growing and increasingly sophisticated requirements of the food industry.

Mission, vision, values


New location for SteriValves
Safety and health: explosion-proof equipment
Immediate access and “easy download”: these are Sterivalves’ technical documentation new features